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Sprint LG Rumor2 Blue LG265 PHONE - BRAND NEW


  • Model: LG RUMOR 2



Qwerty Keypad

Access menus and other screens instantly. Compose messages and enter data on the familiar QWERTY keyboard layout.

1.3 Megapixel camera

Capture high-resolution images with the digital camera and zoom.

Bluetooth® Enabled including Stereo BT profile

Enjoy the convenience of hands-free communication by using headsets, car-kits and other Bluetooth-compatible devices.* Stereo Bluetooth lets you listen to your music on the go or listen to your music using compatible accessories without wires. *Bluetooth wireless accessories are sold separately.

MP3 Audio Player

Listen to your favorite music using your phone's MP3 Player

Sprint Mobile Email

Easy, one-touch access to all your personal and work email including AOL/AIM, Yahoo!, Windows Live (Hotmail and MSN) and more!

MicroSD Memory Card Slot

Store photos, voice memos and music for instant access anytime. *Supports up to a 16GB card.

One Touch Messaging Access

Ability to access the messaging menu with 1 touch. The softkey from the idle screen takes you to messaging menu. Also, whenever you slide open the phone, it automatically populates the messaging menu for you.

SMS Text and Voice Messaging

Record a voice message and send it to as many as 25 friends at once, without even making a call. Instantly send and receive SMS text messages across the room or across the country.

GPS Navigation

Search for the closest coffee shop, or navigate to a specific address with a 3D map that moves with you. Asking for directions is a thing of the past.

NFL Mobile Live access

NFL Mobile Live is your all-access pass to the NFL from DRAFT to Super Bowl. Stay on top of every game with real-time red zone alerts, game center scores, stats, and more. Manage your fantasy football team like a pro with up-to-the-minute insights, analysis, stats and alerts. How to Access: Text "NFL" to 7777* on your Sprint phone to download a full version of the application or download NFL Mobile Live from Sprint Digital LoungeSM. *Standard text messaging and data rates apply.

T9 text input

Compose messages easier and faster. Predictive text input and the internal dictionary predicts text as you type, making it simpler to send messages.

Built-in Productivity Tools

Access your scheduler, check your task list and more. Also includes a world clock, calculator, memo pad, and alarm clock.

Speaker-Independent Voice Dialing

Say the name of any entry in your phone book and the number is dialed automatically without using the keypad. This feature is speaker-independent, so there is no need to train the phone to respond to any one person's voice. Receive an audible status report of your phone/s coverage and signal strength.


Personalize your phone by downloading unique ringers and assigning them to numbers in your address book so you'll know who's calling by the sound of the ring or style of animation.

Screen Savers

Download unique images to use as screen savers - or make it easy to tell who's calling by assigning specific images to numbers in your address book.


Download and play entertaining, interactive games that you'll want to play all the time. With hundreds of games to choose from, it's easy to find all your favorites.

Wireless Backup

If your phone is ever lost, stolen, damaged or replaced, you can use Wireless Backup to restore your contact information quickly and easily. Additional charges apply.

TTY Compatible

This phone connects to a TTY device, allowing anyone who is visually- or hearing-impaired the ability to communicate.

Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC)

This handset has been certified as Hearing Aid Compatible in accordance with applicable industry standards. This handset has a HAC rating of M3 for hearing aids operating in the acoustic